Kobus van den Berg

Hey there, Bulge and Bum family! Kobus here, the not-so-savvy gym-goer who decided to embark on a leg day adventure that left me questioning the very foundations of gravity. Today, I’m here to share my hilariously painful escapade, appropriately titled “Every Day is Leg Day.” If you’ve ever wondered how hard leg day can really …

Every Day is Leg Day: Navigating the Hilariously Sore Terrain Read More »

Hello, Bulge and Bum Community, Today, I stand before you as the owner of Bulge and Bum Pty Ltd, ready to embark on a journey that is deeply personal and transformative. As someone who has struggled with body issues for years, I am determined to lead by example and embrace change, not just for myself …

My Journey to Body Positivity Read More »

A Letter From the owner : Hi Bulge and Bum Fam, Kobus here owner of Bulge and Bum. Loving husband, Dad with a Dadbod and Underwear fanatic. I love my brand and the underwear we create even more, but it took me a while to muster up the courage to do a shoot in my …

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