My Journey to Body Positivity

Hello, Bulge and Bum Community, Today, I stand before you as the owner of Bulge and Bum Pty Ltd, ready to embark on a journey that is deeply personal and transformative. As someone who has struggled with body issues for years, I am determined to lead by example and embrace change, not just for myself but for all of you. This journey marks a new beginning, and I am excited to share it with each and every one of you.

Acknowledging My Struggles: Like many of us, I have battled with societal expectations and the pressure to conform to certain body standards. As the face of a brand dedicated to body positivity, it has been a challenging journey to overcome my own insecurities and doubts about my body. However, I believe that the time has come to be authentic, vulnerable, and honest about my own struggles, for it is through sharing our stories that we inspire and empower others. A Step Towards Transformation: I am thrilled to announce that I have enlisted the support of an incredible personal trainer, Janus Swanepoel, who will guide me through this transformative process. With Janus’s expertise and compassionate approach, I am eager to set realistic fitness goals, work on building strength, and most importantly, foster a positive mindset towards my body.

The Power of Community: One of the driving forces behind my decision to share this journey with you all is the strength of our community. Together, we have created a safe and supportive space that celebrates diversity and encourages everyone to love themselves fully. I know that by being vulnerable and open about my own experiences, we can break down barriers and inspire others to embrace their bodies with pride.

Embracing Every Step: This journey is not just about the destination; it’s about every step we take along the way. From celebrating small victories to acknowledging setbacks, I promise to share it all with you. Together, we will learn the value of self-compassion and the importance of nurturing our bodies with love and care. Moving Forward Together: As I begin this journey towards body positivity, I invite you all to join me. Let’s hold hands as we walk this path together, supporting and uplifting one another every step of the way. Through Bulge and Bum, we will continue to spread the message of body inclusivity and self-acceptance, reaching even more individuals and making a lasting impact on their lives. 

Conclusion: Today marks the beginning of a new chapter in my life and the life of Bulge and Bum Pty Ltd. I am immensely grateful for your unwavering support, and I promise to be honest and transparent throughout this process. Together, we will shatter the unrealistic beauty standards imposed on us and create a world where everyone can proudly embrace their unique selves. Thank you for being a part of this incredible community. Let’s grow, learn, and thrive together as we embark on this empowering journey towards body positivity.

With love and gratitude,

Kobus van den berg Proud Owner of Bulge and Bum Pty Ltd



Janus Swanepoel

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