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We recommend referring to our sizing chart to find the best fit for you. Our Garments Are Usually on The Snugger Side, So If You’re Unsure, Please Go One Size Up. You can find our sizing chart down below.

Hip Measurement:

Measure the circumference of your hips to find your correct size:

XS – 65-73 cm      Sizes 26/28
SMALL 73-80 cm      Sizes 28/30
MEDIUM 80-90 cm      Sizes 30/32
LARGE 90-100 cm    Sizes 34/36
XL – 100 – 110 cm    Sizes 36/38


Yes, some studies have shown a decrease in sperm count from wearing tight-fitting underwear, others have not. The testicles may seem like they just get in the way sometimes. But the main reason they are on the outside of the body is because the body’s internal temperature of 98.6°F is too hot for sperm production. So, by “hanging out,” the scrotum keeps sperm a few degrees cooler. Too much heat can lower sperm count (but not enough to act as a form of birth control). So tight underwear that keep testicles closer to body heat might, in theory, affect sperm count. But many experts think there isn’t enough of a temperature change to make any significant difference.  Lucky for you all our underwear are specifically designed with the bulge and bulge health in mind,
Check out our Blog *Undies & Sperm* for a more in-depth discussion.

Polyester Spandex Blend Fully Sublimated with in House designs Moisture wicking UPF 50+ Chlorine resistant Quick Drying Wash in cold water and hang to dry. Tumble dry Not Recommended



Plush Satin Weaved Elastic Fully Sublimated Chlorine Resistant Polyester



4 Way stretch Semi See through Moisture Wicking Quick Drying



Micro active material Quick drying Chlorine resistant Pocket detail short shorts Suitable for Gym, Lifestyle and is also swimwear.


Pls see actual Product specification Polyester Spandex Blend Fully Sublimated with in House designs Moisture wicking UPF 50+ Chlorine resistant Quick Drying

Scientists have found evidence to suggest that men wore loincloths (i.e. a one-piece garment) that were made from leather. Sounds sweaty, right? Thankfully, it seems, people soon realised the leather was causing a build-up of perspiration – which was bad news for their nether regions! So, they ditched the thick non-porous material in favour of something a little more breathable.

May this be a lesson to you all – tighty-whities are never a good look Unless you wear the ones from our classic range . In fact, according to a survey, 29% of people admitted they were turned off by unattractive men’s underwear. So do yourself (and your partner!) a favour. Ditch the 70s throwback briefs and invest in some new fashion forward undies. The type that are stylish, sexy, and will hug your masculine physique in all the right places…

We don’t believe in going commando. It’s not sexy or hygienic. And why would anyone want to miss out on the style and comfort of our men’s underwear? Bonkers! But did you know, the term originated in the army? Commandos often got caught in rainstorms and, if soaked through, the wet fabric of their underwear irritated and chafed the skin – so they just didn’t bother wearing it.  It was a practical solution. One that, in our opinion, should only ever apply to military personnel!

A survey found that 58% of men prefer boxer briefs. You’ll feel physically comfortable and won’t feel awkward because you feel like your manhood is on show. They don’t leave your package hanging in the way boxers do but comfortably cover up more of your family jewels.

Contrary to popular belief, tight underwear won’t affect your little swimmers. But excessive heat trapped near your testicles will. Which means, the fabric from which your boxers are made is much more important than their overall fit.

We recommend following the care instructions on the product label to ensure the longevity of your underwear. Wash in cold water and hang to dry. Tumble dry Not Recommended. We also sell separate underwear washing bags specially made to ensure a healthy wash cycle every time.

Average pair of underwear owned by men ranges between 8-10. Ideally, you should have between 15 to 20 pairs of underwear for ease and comfort. But 14 is the magic number. 7 pairs to wear one week and 7 during the next whilst the previous 7 prepare for the big clean. Interested on knowing how many pairs our Owner and Co-founder has?  One promise we can make is that as soon as you have made the leap into the Bulge and Bum family you will never have enough
Check out our Blog *Never Enough* for a more in-depth discussion.

Most underwear has an expiration date. It’s just not printed on the label because it varies based on individual use. Holes in your underwear can be caused by a variety of factors related to the stress on the seams. The natural fluids that leak onto your underwear like sweat can erode the cotton and lead to holes as time passes. Underwear that’s too small can put extra stress on the elastic.


The classic essential:
Brief underwear has long been a staple for every man’s underwear drawer. Nowadays, this classic look is anything but basic. They come with figure-enhancing features, sexy details, and much more. Explore low rise options, materials ranging from Polyester Spandex Blend to mesh, and other exciting options today!


Supportive, Sleek, and Snug:
If you’re looking for a combination of leg coverage and a snug, body-hugging fit in your underwear, look no further than men’s boxer briefs! This hybrid of boxers and briefs gives you the best of both worlds. The boxer brief is a versatile option that can be sexy for those that would prefer to show off a little less leg.


The New Boy on the Block:
Looking for a minimalistic approach to design? Tanga is the one for you! A redesign and tweaked version of the traditional “tighty whitey” a Tanga provides more coverage when compared to a G-string or jockstrap, but still allows you to show off some leg. The front and back are both covered with the front pouch usually cut in a triangular shape, meaning there is no side material around the legs or thighs. The front and back material tends to be joined with a normal full sized elasticated waistband, offering a more masculine yet subtly sexy look.


Your New Gym Partner:
Men’s jockstraps are essential to exercise. They provide strong security and support throughout even the most rigorous workout. Their unique design delivers strong protection to your package while keeping everything tightly in place. They’re even flattering, with a fully exposed rear that’s boosted by back straps. Get your head in the game with our collection of advanced styles.


Show Off (Almost) Everything:
Looking for an ultra-sexy, minimalist approach to your men’s underwear selection? Perhaps it’s time you tried a men’s g string. This supremely flirtatious underwear type is multi-functional, surprisingly comfortable, and will undoubtedly get the attention of your significant other or date. The men’s g string is a type of thong with minimal fabric, void of the classic ‘whale tail’ featured on traditional thong underwear. For high-performance activities or everyday wear, you’ll be shocked out how great you look and feel in a stylish men’s g strings.

No, penis size does not matter — at least not in terms of desirability or function. Its size has zero bearing on its ability to give and receive pleasure or do any of what it’s supposed to do. That’s not to say that some people don’t prefer a bigger or smaller one, but that’s a matter of perceived preference, kind of like pineapple on pizza. To each their own. Something in the sense that are puches are designed to make you look bigger etc etc
Check out our Blog *Is it the size of the boat, or the motion of the ocean?* For a more in-depth discussion.

Chancing the right underwear comes down to personal preference. Some men prefer a slimmer cut, while others prefer something a bit roomier. If you work out in them, you’re better off with stretchy and humidity or moisture-wicking fabrics. And if you’re looking for undies to lounge or sleep in, then soft cotton or silk is your best bet.

Underwear, undergarments, underclothing, or unmentionables are items of clothing worn beneath outer clothes, usually in direct contact with the skin, although they may comprise more than a single layer. But since it’s the 21st Century undies will do just fine, and here at Bulge and Bum we call them fundies, make sure to get yourself a pair or two so you can see and feel what we mean… #indulgeyourbulge is there for a reason
Check out our Blog *5 Ways to better say underwear* for a more in-depth discussion.

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To inspire you we have compiled an easy to read, fashion forward breakdown of all your must have undies currently available in our niche South African market.

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