Swim Briefs

Introducing the start of our Proudly South African Swimwear collection! Our Swim Briefs are fun, sexy, super comfortable and comes with their own pouch to lift and tuck your goods making you look loud and Proud even after taking a dip in cold water! Our material is UV and chlorine resistant, this means no fading in our African sun or Gym swimming pools and as an added Bonus, its made from recycled plastic so its even good for the environment!

Swim Shorts

Introducing our Proudly South African Swim shorts. Sexy, short, Fast drying and multifunctional. Our shorts come in 6 different colours so you can buy one for each day of your Vacay, Ocean Blue, Bumble Bee Yellow, Sexy Pink, Classic White and Black and a Two tone Grey and white. They sport side pockets, cellphone pouch at the back for your Beach or Pool time selfies, inner lining to secure the Bulge, funky 70’style binding and a Matching inner Zip and Stud… Yeah Stud just like you. The material is dries in minutes and is non stretch for the ultimate fit. These bad boys will have heads turning on the Beach this summer.

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