Meet The Team


Unmatched Design, Crafted for Every Lifestyle

Ever feel like your underwear selection is stuck in a black hole?.

Fear not, intrepid explorers! Welcome to the vast and glorious Bulge and Bum Undie-Verse.

Here, you'll discover a universe of styles, crafted with comfort and confidence in mind. Whether you're seeking the liberating embrace of a jockstrap, the supportive, snug hold of briefs, the freedom of a G-string, or the best-of-bothworlds combined into trunks, we've got your, ahem, "package" covered.

So, buckle up (or should we say, "unbuckle down"?) and embark on a journey of unparalleled comfort and stylish support. #IndulgeYourBulge


Behind the Scenes: Manufacturing Expertise

At Bulge and Bum, we take pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our products. That's why we manufacture everything in-house at BB Sewing Emporium, our very own state-of-the-art facility. Led by the experienced Kobus Bergwyk, BB Sewing Emporium ensures meticulous attention to detail and utilizes the latest technology to deliver exceptional quality. This allows us to maintain complete control over the entire production process, guaranteeing the best possible outcome for every Bulge and Bum product from design to delivery.

Confidence Starts from Within

Bulge and Bum is not just underwear; it’s a lifestyle.

We understand the importance of feeling confident and comfortable throughout the day. That's why Kobus created Bulge and Bum, where we stepped away from the mundane and shaped a premium underwear brand designed to offer unmatched comfort and support, whilst allowing yourself to have a drawer overflowing with fundies.

Undie-lievable Products? Looking for everyday essentials that feel like a luxurious second skin? Dive into any situation with confidence, thanks to our Poly-Spandex blend that moves with you. Consider our undies as your loyal companions, built to endure all your adventures.

With UPF 50+ protection, your "most prized possessions" stay safe under the sun.

Four-way stretch ensures all your moves are supported, while moisture-wicking fabric keeps things cool and comfortable. The real star? Our built-in pouch designed for ultimate comfort and a flattering fit, leaving a lasting impression (wink wink).

To top it off, our printed silk adds a touch of indulgence because even your essentials deserve pampering.

It’s underwear that keeps you cool, confident, and ready to conquer anything. #BulgeAndProud