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Bulge and Bum is not just underwear; it’s a lifestyle. #IndulgeYourBulge

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Confidence from Within
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Unmatched Design, Crafted for Every Lifestyle

Ever feel like your underwear selection is stuck in a black hole? Fear not, intrepid explorers! Welcome to the vast and glorious Bulge and Bum Undie-Verse. Here, you'll discover a universe of styles, crafted with comfort and confidence in mind.

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Tag @Bulge&Bum for a chance to be featured
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Tag @Bulge&Bum for a chance to be featured
Tag @Bulge&Bum for a chance to be featured
Tag @Bulge&Bum for a chance to be featured
Bulge & Bum

Redefining Comfort and Confidence: The Bulge and Bum Experience

At Bulge and Bum, we're not just selling underwear; we're offering a lifestyle. Our brand is built on the belief that every man deserves to feel comfortable and confident in his own skin, starting from the very first layer.

The Bulge & Bum Promise

At Bulge and Bum, transparency is key. We're open about our manufacturing processes and material sourcing, providing detailed product information from fabric specifications to care instructions.



We let our reviews speak for themselves.

4.98 average
48 reviews

Perfect fit. Very comfy. Looks amazing. Makes me feel good.

Nick Coetzee

Happy customer

If I could only wear B&B briefs for the rest of my life I would. They're that good!


Happy customer

great fit and very comfy


12 days ago

Love the fit


Verified customer

This underwear is extremely comfortable. I like the material and the cut (it fits perfectly).

Barry Marshal

Verified customer

Great contribution to my body positivity

Paul Dun

Verified customer