Our Story

Brands come in all shapes and sizes, and start because of numerous reasons, so let’s unpack the reason and the why for Bulge and Bum.

Picture this: Sicily 1922, a young man (well not so young), had a yearning for the most comfortable, sexy, and versatile underwear on the South African market, so not Sicily – South Africa 2020…. but you get it.

This man searched far and wide and spent 100’s of Rands to find the perfect fit, but alas the dream of indulging his bulge was met only with exuberant international prices, import costs and low-quality products. Locally there were a mere handful of products to choose from. 

And then, on a Sunday afternoon during light lunch, cold iced tea, chocolate cake and a bit of a debate the plan for Bulge and Bum came alive.

We set out on a journey to procure top quality products made with the best material, the softest elastic and well in our opinion the greatest designs, because boring underwear was just not an option. The mundane was already on the market, and we didn’t want to jump on the bandwagon.

Bulge and Bum was established April 1st, 2020, and launched a mere 3 days after Level 5 lockdown was announced. We literally had nowhere to go but up, well up to the chinny chin chin that is. We quickly had to adjust and make matching masks so we could send our products to our customers. Yes, sneaky but in this day and age being a bit sneaky never hurt nobody (pun intended). 

To date we have Indulged over 5000 bulges globally, allowing men to feel more confident when zipping up, or zipping down, and the rest as they say is history…

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